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Welcome to Dykes' Desktop


We welcome you to view our premium design portfolio website. Learn more about what we do and how we can serve you.

Dykes' Desktop has been in business since 2005 as the brainchild of Camille K. Dykes. Her goal was to make corporate level branding, marketing and design available to the small business owner in a budget-friendly way. As a self taught designer and graduate school MBA grad, she has successfully achieved her goal. She offers high-grade materials to the average business owner.

Custom Graphic Design

It is most important to achieve a corporate identity that is not cookie-cutter.

"Cookie-cutter" identities are easily recognizable and are seen as just that. A cookie-cutter identity is not recognized as corporate-level or professional. A cookie-cutter identity is seen for what it is next to homemade and cheap. Elevate your brand above that!

Dykes' Desktop can create a custom logo design, custom corporate identity, and any other custom design needed for your company. Specifically, any designs created by Dykes' Desktop are unique to your company only.

Premium Print Design

Many want to desert the concept of print solutions in small business solutions.

The truth is print materials will always be needed (even if discarded by the targeted prospect...they read it at least once) these materials help fulfill the quota of 8 contacts converts a prospect to a customer.

True marketing fact: "8 contacts = 1 customer"




Comprehensive Web Development Services

One of the main focuses of Dykes

Desktop is using its sister company Dykes' Webshop to accelerate each client to the next level through online marketing.

Dykes' Webshop is gives "Small Business Creative Online Solutions"




What we do


Dykes' Desktop is a small business marketing consultant firm.
We offer small business marketing expertise, advice and services to small and micro businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations.



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